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MicroMonster from the old days is finally coming to your iPhone - dusted and polished.

Meet your old friends

If you've played it in your childhood choose your favorite monster, remember your tactics and become legend!


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Available on the App Store and soon on Google play!

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Terms and Conditions

1. Usage rights
(1) The Biting Bit GmbH (Biting Bit) grants to the licensee (user) a single, non-exclusive and only personal right(license) for the term of the contract to use the product or service for your own non-commercial entertainment purposes only subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

(2) The user is entitled not to use the service for any other purpose.

2. Copyright and other rights
(1) The products, information, documents, graphics and other services offered by Biting Bit or accessible through Biting Bit are protected by copyrights, intellectual property rights and other rights. These rights and the properties remain in the possession of Biting Bit, are not part of the license and do not devolve to the user.

(2) It is prohibited to use or change software, products or services by Biting Bit or parts of them or based upon them for other products. Furthermore it is not allowed to refacture, reproduce, disassemble software, products or services by Biting Bit.

(3) The user or any third parties are not allowed to sell, lease, rent or distribute in any way products, services, documents, information, graphics and so on by Biting Bit or any rights concerning them. Resale, unauthorized distribution or providing the mentioned material to networks, especially the internet, are forbidden as well.

(4) The duplication, editing, distribution or any way of utilization of graphics or any other documents for commercial purposes require the explicit written authorization of Biting Bit, except for especially marked PR and press material which can be copied and distributed.

3. Usage rules
(1) Within the scope of product or services of Biting Bit the user is not allowed to:
- spread offensive, discriminating, pornographic, extrimist or any illegal content (e.g. in the chat, in names, token)
- violate rights of third parties
- annoy other users
- perform spamming or place advertisments
- install or infiltrate information or software which can cause damages for Biting Bit, its partner, other user or third parties (e.g. viruses).

(2) Instructions of administrators and Biting Bit have to be followed.

(3) It is prohibited to manipulate the game play by cheating, scripting and so on or exploiting errors (bugs).

(4) Transferring personal accounts (login), single game characters, game items or other parts or products to third persons requires the explicit written authorization and acceptance of Biting Bit. These tranfers come with costs. The costs can be found in the current price list of Biting Bit. The items are transferred at the risk of the user. Biting Bit does not take any liability for an obsolescence of the account (e.g. in case of data loss). Biting Bit is not obliged to restore passwords. Any transfer without auhorization enables Biting Bit to an extraordinary notice of cancelation.

(5) The usage of a another players game account (login) is not allowed.

(6) Violation of these rules might lead to a cancelation and deletion of the game account (login).

4. Miscellaneous
In case one or more of the provisions herein should be void, become void, illegal at law or held to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, they shall not affect any other provision of these terms. In respect of any provisions, which are void or non-valid at law, new alternative terms in the interpretation of new juristical circumstances shall deviate from the original provisions as little as possible and shall be implemented following the general idea of the void or non-valid term taking due account of the object and effect of the present terms. The same shall apply for any loopholes or gaps in these terms.

Additionally the general terms and conditions of the Biting Bit GmbH apply: http://www.micro-monster.com/legal/terms-and-conditions

Biting Bit GmbH

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 42; 10178 Berlin, Germany
Limited liability company, registered in Berlin, HRB 105162 B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, german sales tax no.: 1137/238/21024
Executives: Henrik Hörning, Reidar Hörning

Email: info@micro-monster.com

Biting Bit and MicroMonster are property and copyright, since 2007 of the Biting Bit GmbH.

Legal notice

MicroMonster wurde entwickelt und wird bereitgestellt von der Biting Bit GmbH.
Biting Bit bietet Beratung, Entwicklung, Projektmanagement und Betrieb von innovativen Web & Mobile Anwendungen für B2B und B2C.

Biting Bit GmbH
Rosenthaler Str. 42
10178 Berlin

Web: www.bitingbit.de
Email: info@micro-monster.com

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung mit Sitz in Berlin
Eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Charlottenburg, HRB 105162 B
Geschäftsführung: Henrik Hörning, Reidar Hörning

USt-Id Nr.: DE252284331